How we Work

we follow an easy 3 step process

An easy 3 step process

We follow an easy 3 step process, which makes the whole process so simple.
Hello, Ordering and Postage


An early stage where we exchange and analyze the requirements, that includes every single detail related to the packaging products with prototypes and quick samples. The samples/prototypes are approved and chosen to proceed, we submit the official proposal and the KYC verification happens in parallel.


Once the order is placed, a time line would be fixed and sent via mail. Production starts with immediate effect with periodical status updates on the process. Quality control and packaging will be done and would be ready for FOB/Shipment.


Products are packed, the packaging list and AWB is sent via mail and the product is delivered at the correct timeline. Reviews and feedback are addressed and taken care of in the next shipment with much attention.


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