Hello, and welcome to our Standards kit. This is important and affects your commercial/legal rights, so please read them carefully. We hope you’re sitting comfortably. Here we go… Contracting party of Cardnival, hereinafter, would be referred by you or your or Consignee or Customer or Importer. Cardnival, hereinafter, would be referred by we or us or Roo or Cardnival or Shipper or Manufacturer or Exporter.

Level 0- You are expressed your interest to collaborate with Cardnival.

  • You shall be provided with the preliminary set of virtual prototypes that had to be reviewed and responded
  • Feedback in terms of design and functional aspects would be encouraged to explore better solutions
  • Your store or company’s social profile would be studied- in order to serve better through the course of design and execution
  • These prototypes and products are considered to be IPs of Cardnival and thus, we reserve the rights to socialize and publish in media. However on request, we may consider exceptions
  • You shall be requested to submit the KYC details, which the audit team would verify internally- and may extend the verification with the Government bodies such as ECGC (Export Credit Guarantee Council of India, backed by Finance Ministry) and ESMA (European Security and Market Authority) and also be brought with third parties that may partner through Credit bureaus such as TransUnion and Equifax

Level 1- You are about to place order with Cardnival.

(As much as we are thrilled to have you on board, we want you to have a transparent picture of what is covered with your buy- and how the rest is been handled)

  • Take your spell to review the details of the design in the proposal and we are happy to take questions in helping you to understand well
  • Any changes after the proof/sample is approved cannot be entertained
  • Most of our proposals contain the rate card for Door-door delivery, meaning what you see is what you get. This involves Designing your packaging product with your label, Manufacturing of the products, QC to ensure the build and aesthetics (we maintain a score of 0.96- beating the industry standards), Packaging-with appropriate materials (that prevents physical damage to the product and well wrapped ensuring the usage longevity)– and International Shipment till Door delivery to your Store/ Warehouse
  • Door-to-Door delivery doesn’t cover the VAT inside the Customer’s country, and you can calculate the tentative tariff here on https://www.simplyduty.com/ with HS Code of the product shared in the Proformo invoice. On the other hand, with special requests, we can take up the Duty- inclusive of VAT, Customs – performing the clearance with nominal additional fee.
  • We also do other Inco terms such as – EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP, on request and recommend freight options whether to opt for Ship and stay with Air freight.
  • Financials
  • The trade happens via Bank-Bank, and the transactions have to be executed by the consignee’s bank (and no other remittance mechanisms, in compliance to the Trade body laws signed by the countries).
  • Depending on what the order qualifies, through the Proformo invoice- we transact through two types.
    Type 1, Order is placed with Purchase Order and full payment.
    Type 2, Order is placed with Purchase Order and paying 50% of totals. And the remaining 50% would be remitted on the notice of ‘ready for shipping’
  • Timeline
  • Production timeline will be mentioned by us with the weekly breakup
  • When a production sample is requested, the timeline gets extended by a week – and is subjected to the revisions.
  • Shipping timeline via Air freight (Air Cargo) in general takes 2 weeks but we also meet the aggressive delivery timeline of 2 Business days. In either case, Customer has to make sure to voice whether the shipment is time bound while placing the order.
  • Sea freight is further cost controlled and can well be entertained, to the orders meeting the minimum numbers
  • For any unavoidable delay, Customer would be notified with a recovery plan

Level 2- After we are Ship ready.

  • Consignee has to ensure to submit all the import details, which the team has requested in due course. It can be VAT and/or EORI and/or LLC, and anything that requires processing the shipment.
  • In return on request, Consignee would be endowed with specific details that her/his importing country requires – apart from the general attached trading documents (this includes Invoice, Purchase Order, SLI, Airway Bill or Bill of Lading). It can be GSP, CO (Certificate of Origin)- or such mandated certificates to be enclosed.


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