Buy Customized Luxury Paper Bags Online

A Guide to Boost Your Brand Image

Every detail counts when it comes to branding, including the type of paper bags you use. Customized luxury paper bags add elegance to your brand, promote your business, and increase customer loyalty. In this post, we’ll guide you through buying customized luxury paper bags online to boost your brand image.

Introducing, Signature Paper bags from Roopac

Customized Luxury Paper Bags Online

The Benefits of Using Customized Luxury Paper Bags aka Signature Bags

Signature is a premium line of paper bags, crafted for luxury customers. These bags feature sophisticated embellishments such as laminate, foil stamping, Spot UV, and drip-off effects. With its attention to detail and high-quality materials, Signature represents the pinnacle of paper bag craftsmanship.

Customized luxury paper bags are special bags that have your name and logo on them. They make your store look fancy and special, and when people see them, they remember your store and want to come back again. They are also good for the environment if they are made from recycled paper.

Factors to Consider When Buying Customized Luxury Paper Bags Online

  1. Make sure the packaging company you connect with has the acumen and design knowledge. Check with previous projects and social media handle
  2. Discuss with possibilities and options with luxury packaging. And understand each one of them
  3. Bag size and design is the foremost thing you have to know before proceding. It determines if the bag can accomodate your product, and whether the design really augments your brand
  4. Matt or Not. Matt finish gives the super subtle and smooth carpet of your luxury bags. But when you are environment conscious, check if the team has an option to achieve Matt via Varnish or with ink than laminate
  5. Explore embellishments such as Foil Stamping and Emboss. It elevates the entire experience of a shopping bag
  6. Premium handles: Metallic Rope or Satin handles to complement your bag.

When the above mentioned tips are considered, make sure the team has a shipping license to send the goods to your place. Vioola- your all new customized luxury shopping bag is ready!

Customized luxury paper bags are a simple yet effective way to elevate your brand image and make a lasting impression on your customers.

By following the tips and guidelines in this blog post, you can easily buy customized luxury paper bags online from Roopac that are tailored to your brand and business needs.

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Your store needs to be at where your customers search.. Google!

As a part of our series.. ” Make small stronger” , here comes the next one.

According to recent research study, December 2020, 78% of stores would love to take their business online. While the rewards are huge, its not a cake walk. It’s literally same street fight, but for attention on phone. We thought to jot down a few things we know- to help stores to bridge their online and offline presence

So looking for something (that you want) over the internet is no brainer in 2021. You just think and then a couple of taps later- you almost get to your specific answer you seek for.

Google and the search algorithm has refined the internet and organized all of the internet to make it search friendly. Enter Maps- that totally replaced the physical maps we used to have at homes and gas stations (fuel stations). Maps has made our lives easier with discovery, list making, directions and to see the real time updates.

GMB a. Google My Business is the step forward from Google for the Businesses to claim themselves. It works both the ways- a new store can set up a business and publish it live to the Maps. Or an existing store, with few validations, can claim the location that’s been around for a while.

What makes GMB special.

GMB is Google’s answer to Instagram and Facebook’s Business Pages. With the search at helm, Google thought they could boot up the play via Business owners with them publishing updates by bringing Maps to the fore.

How do we do it? It’s super easy!

  • Load GMB on iOS or Play Store / use
  • Claim or Create new- depending on your existence
  • NAP is critical. Title Name, Address and Phone number
  • Anything that you do beyond is all bonus. Pictures, Posts, Commenting on reviews

Please note, verification might take seconds- weeks depending on the place you and the type of business.

Eureka! Thats it, your shop is now ready to take off 🚀

Placing order with Roopac is just easy!

We’ve made your work easier than ever. Trying to place an order in Roopac? learn how!

Step1: Reach our website.

Reaching our website is now made simpler than ever. Search Roopac at google or simple type in your favorite browser. You’ll be directed to our website.

Step2: Choose your bag(s)

You’ve already completed the first step and now choose your required bag from our list of variants. We have bags available in different colors and sizes so that you can choose the most appropriate bag of your need.

Step3: Choose size, color, and quantity.

Now you have selected your type of bag from our list of variants, it’s time to choose the size, color, and quantity following your budget and requirement. You can see the price changing as soon as you select your required size, quantity, and color option.

Note: Happy to inform you that price of bags will be reduced as you go with higher quantity bags.

Step 4: Complete your Payment.

You’re almost there, you are about to get your loved bags home. Wait a min, we got one important step pending. As soon you select your required size, color and quantity – click on the buy now button so that we can take you to our payment page. To make your work much easier, we have various payment options like UPI, bank transfer, card payment, PayTM, and a lot more. You have your price displayed on the screen, click pay now slowly after reviewing your selected bag variant and option.

Note: We got you a coupon! “ROOBAGS2021” applies this to get a 5% immediate discount on your first purchase.

Step 5: The most loved part, design.

Placed your order? Thanks in advance. As soon as you complete your payment, our design executive will reach you by a call with love. You can share your ideas or thoughts you’ve got on how your bag should be designed. Our executive will carefully note down your ideas and thoughts. The design work will be started soon after then.

Don’t have any ideas for thoughts? Worry not! We’re always here to help you. Our design executive will review your company’s product, logo, name, and many more things and will start creating professional-looking bags for your business.

You can take a rest, while we ship your bags!

Done. The rest is ours, we will take care of your bag very carefully in terms of design, looks, and quality until it reaches you. You can return your product if you find something unusual in our bags, we’re ready to replace it. All our bags should be completely returned to initiate a remake of your bags. Worry not, it won’t happen. We believe!

Start your process now. ROOPAC.COM

With love,


5 reasons why our bags are best.

Delivering quality products and gaining trust with customers consistently is hard and yes we strive to do with Roopac.

Let’s have a quick view of why our bags are best when it comes to “Everything a bag should have”.

1. Design that made your clients come back.

Of course, we have a team of designers starving to make the design better than the ‘Bestest’. Yes, we have. The uniqueness of (y)our bags lies with design and that’s what we are too good at. As a result, we have a few top leading companies dealing with us, to get their bags home. Samples of our design have been added below.

2.Quality that stands test of the time

When it comes to quality, we never compromise. Don’t believe us? Try ordering sample products for the price of your theater snack. We highly believe that quality is the foremost factor that converts a company into a brand. The sooner you feel our products in hand, you’ll know that the hidden meaning of Roopac is itself quality.

paper bag wih raymond

3.Thank us later for not letting you wait for your bags.

The crave to bring your work on time to the table will bring you back to us, we believe – and that’s what is happening in Roopac. We never let our customers wait for their bags at any cost, no matter what. We monetize every single process that your bag is going under and take appropriate action to keep things always on track.

4.Large support to small scale business.

The vision is to simply deliver great products, no matter how large or small the business is we support them with everything we got. There are 42.50 million small scale business running all over India (both registered and non-registered). This covers almost 95% of the total business units in India. We support them in their business journey by delivering no-compromise quality bags with great designs.

5.We care about environmental health.

We use 5 trillion plastic bags per year! There is no doubt that we are going to lose our only planet foverever and there will be no trace on existence of Humanity or Earth. Ok Mars is the next step- but can we sustain even there? Wait a minute, we already got a solution. Yes, paper bags! We sweat to bring the best for you and the nature every single day. We are green by and strive not to use any kind of plastics in y(our) bags. Every purchase from us, will eventually make your business one step closer to serenity. Take your first step, order from .

Still got doubts, contact us!

How to dispose your surgical masks?

“Anything can go wrong even if everything is planned”, said Corona.

Yes, It’s nearly a year and we are still dealing with our new guest Covid brother and the sad part is that nobody on earth knows how long he is gonna stay with us. Let it be, but there’s a high-level probability that we could tell him “Bye Bye” if we eventually wear a mask all day outside the house as we all know, and the unknown part is that “How do we dispose of the surgical masks that we use every single day? Let’s have a look, stay with me.

Answering your question, a surgical mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. These are often referred to as face masks, although not all face masks are regulated as surgical masks (Image has been added for your reference).

What is surgical mask?

Answering your question, a surgical mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. These are often referred to as face masks, although not all face masks are regulated as surgical masks (Image has been added for your reference).

How do we dispose it?

Even though wearing masks may reduce the impact of COVID 19, there is no use when we dispose it in wroung way. So how do we remove it? Here is the way!

  • Wash your hands with sanitizer before remove the mask.
  • Only touch the elastic part of the mask.
  • Put your mask in a two plastic covers over and over, and try to dispose it with your domestic wastes.
  • If there is someone nearby been affected by Corona or do reflect symptoms try to write RISK OF CONTAMINATION on the plastic bag before disposing it away.
  • Wash your hands very well after disposing your face mask.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or ears before washing your hands with sanitiser.

Whats the need to do it with high level of consiousness?

5,500 tonnes of face masks were produced within 3 months over the world, this number shows how great the impact of COVID 19 afdects our environment and our daily life. Yes, we are doing this risking our health of environment and there is no use if we just start disposing masks in wrong way every single day. This will affect the health and well being of you and your loved ones as well.

Over 2.01 million people has been passed away due to COVID 19 and it take too much effort or time to take part in death count sooner or later.

Wear Face Mask, Wear Responsibility!

Thank you!

Made with love by Roopac.

Azhagana Oru Aadi is back, and it’s going to be epic 🎁🛍

Azhagana Oru Aadi is back!

The treasure of doing your Bags with Roopac lies in Design! What if we give them away for no cost.

We launched Wellness Supplies through Covid. But doesn’t stop there.

New launches comin’up!

You asked. And we listen.

Our ongoing product line in bags- are being mark down through the season

When is Azhagana Oru Aadi?

Azhagana Oru Aadi from Roopac is a two-week only shopping event, starting 31st July through 15th August, exclusively for Tamilnadu Shops. Azhagna Aadi is an annual celebration with Great Deals, and new Product launches for Retail stores in Tamilnadu.

Azhagana Oru Aadi 🌷

Aadi Sale in Paper bags

Aadi has come and the season for retailers to tune to their thanksgiving programs. Aadi Sale is a norm across the shopper community as well and they try to pick their best of seasonal cloths at a deal. We at Roo thought about the season, provide a brief and deals that we do.. (in our style!)

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One earth

With so much fanfare, the ban of Single use Plastic and Polythene bags is implemented in the Indian state of Tamilnadu on January, 2019. There was indeed a new ‘paper-wave’ and ‘cloth-wave’ in the state. Response from people was overwhelming- they even thought the time has finally come that the streets and waterbodies will turn green, but

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