Decorative Paper Bags for Special Occasions

How to Decorate a Paper Bag for Special Occasions: A Simple and Easy Guide

Decorative paper bags are versatile and charming, making them a popular choice for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. With just a few simple embellishments like a satin bow, hang tag, or sticker, you can transform an ordinary paper bag into a personalized and eye-catching gift or favor. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to decorate a paper bag and add that extra touch of elegance to your special event.

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Designer paper bags for boutique stores

Every little detail matters in the world of retail. Choosing the right products and offering top-notch customer service are important, of course. But packaging can be a game-changer too. This is where designer paper bags for boutique stores step in, adding a touch of style, utility, and even sustainability to your boutique.

Bandana Narula, a premier studio boutique in Chennai, uses our Vogue on Redbull line of bags

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Your store needs to be at where your customers search.. Google!

As a part of our series.. ” Make small stronger” , here comes the next one.

According to recent research study, December 2020, 78% of stores would love to take their business online. While the rewards are huge, its not a cake walk. It’s literally same street fight, but for attention on phone. We thought to jot down a few things we know- to help stores to bridge their online and offline presence


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How to dispose your surgical masks?

“Anything can go wrong even if everything is planned”, said Corona.

Yes, It’s nearly a year and we are still dealing with our new guest Covid brother and the sad part is that nobody on earth knows how long he is gonna stay with us. Let it be, but there’s a high-level probability that we could tell him “Bye Bye” if we eventually wear a mask all day outside the house as we all know, and the unknown part is that “How do we dispose of the surgical masks that we use every single day? Let’s have a look, stay with me.

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One earth

With so much fanfare, the ban of Single use Plastic and Polythene bags is implemented in the Indian state of Tamilnadu on January, 2019. There was indeed a new ‘paper-wave’ and ‘cloth-wave’ in the state. Response from people was overwhelming- they even thought the time has finally come that the streets and waterbodies will turn green, but

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Colors.. 1/x

Colors are one of the beautiful innate abilities of a human. There are many reptiles, insects and even, mammals – that cannot differentiate colors as humans do. On the counter side, butterflies can see the light humans cannot see. They see in the ultraviolet wavelength. Those colors that humans see gives the objective sense to the world around us. Knowing to differentiate and name the colors- is by far one of the greatest inventions to the Industrial economy.. changing the world forever.

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