Colors.. 1/x

Colors are one of the beautiful innate abilities of a human. There are many reptiles, insects and even, mammals – that cannot differentiate colors as humans do. On the counter side, butterflies can see the light humans cannot see. They see in the ultraviolet wavelength. Those colors that humans see gives the objective sense to the world around us. Knowing to differentiate and name the colors- is by far one of the greatest inventions to the Industrial economy.. changing the world forever.

See how nice it’d have taken charge! Green is grass, Blue is sky. We named them. We started to name every single color that exists and shades on the planet that exists- and the interesting part, we kept doing that. This whole thing took off slowly through medieval eras. And post world wars, people really had time and invested in bringing up and building things that will be used across societies.

In the series that come, we are going to discuss the basics of color theory, color mixing techniques and the tools and technologies that enable the print. And the hot things that circle around color- from Pinterest Visual search to why did Insta gone back (or further) to Black-White. Keep your fingers crossed. Until we catch up again!

PSA: Oh yeah, and the last week’s iPhone XS has an IR Camera inbuilt to capture stuff that human eye misses.

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