Talking Bags

What if your bags just head out and do a conversation for you? Let’s talk about the need for Talking Bags

Convention is overlooking the carry bags

Carry bags have long existed the moment we think, they have been an integral part of our own lifestyle. Brown Carry bags from Super markets and Up street textile retail stores have defined the importance of retailing. But sadly, at most times, the importance is limited to carrying. Inspire of Print industry being around since the days of first Bible, the intersection on packaging and print has only yielded the basic branding.

Bring a wow- Design to a play

This is the second wave- where we are in. People realized the print and packaging can take off well when designed in a honest way. A little floral object besides the boutiques Title brought the bag so much a feminine touch- and girls rushed in to the store adoring. A little swag on the Rolex or Armani Suit Carry bags started to make more sense as well. People picked colors- shifted the printing to a full swing Offset or Rotary types and the outcome emerged to produce pretty cool bags we see out there

More than wow. Thoughtful Design process

This is the new wave forward. Ecoms flooded, Wall streets’ and Mumbai Exchange lobbies fought hard with campaigns that retail is dead in favour our of new age eComs. Inspite of all that, Retail survived. And is going to coexist. People really wanted to touch and feel. Its logic over adrenaline.

And here we are.. Talking Bags principled as below,    

Relentless pursuit for Quality

The use of messaging is important than ever to customer retention

Leveraging the best of what internet provides to connect with your customer

Right representation of what your Brand stands for, and clear Call to Actions

With world becoming flat with supply chain advantages this has to be a Cost-controlled run 

We are running the campaign at Erode- Texvalley from 27.12.2019 to 30.12.2019 and  at Chennai Nungambakkam, Buva House on 19.12.2019

Press Coverage- Business Tamizha

Let’s talk more to build your bags for today and tomorrow.

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