To the Moon: India and Roopac

India landed in Moon last week with her Chandrayaan-3 mission –joining Russia, United States & China as the only countries to have achieved this feat. More importantly, it’s the first mission of any country to arrive near the Lunar South pole- a possible location for future Moon bases.  This is a clear proof of what focus means- for a country off colonial times just 7 decades back. And it gives us the promise of exploring uncharted territories in both space and land.

Ironically- we at Roopac charted a cool mission back in the days– “taking brands to the moon” and it’s more relevant than ever before. If you run your store in rural town or an ultra urban society, here’s how we take your brand to moon:

Taking Brands to the Moon: Reaching New Heights with Roopac's Packaging Design Solutions!

1. Innovative Packaging: Where Creativity Takes Flight

Packaging isn’t just a formality; it’s a canvas for your brand’s creativity. Roopac specializes in crafting packaging solutions that are as unique as your brand’s personality. Our innovative designs, coupled with top-notch materials, ensure that your products don’t just arrive – they make an unforgettable entrance!

2. Boosting Footfall by 20%: Catching Every Eye

In a crowded marketplace, standing out is a challenge. Roopac’s packaging is designed to catch the consumer’s eye.  With attention-grabbing designs and strategic messaging, our packaging solutions boost foot traffic by up to 20%. Your products become instant celebrities, drawing customers in like never before.

3. Seasonal Packaging Planning: Ahead of the Curve

Predicting trends is half the battle. Roopac collaborates closely with brands to anticipate upcoming seasons and trends. By planning packaging well in advance, your products are perfectly aligned with the mood of the season. This foresight makes your brand resonate more deeply with consumers.

4. Unveiling Brand Awareness: Packaging as a Storyteller

Packaging isn’t just a wrapper; it’s a storyteller. Roopac helps brands weave their narrative, values, and identity into packaging designs. This doesn’t just increase brand awareness; it offers customers a peek into your brand’s soul. 

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5. The Reorder Revolution: Making a Lasting Impression

Success isn’t just about the first sale; it’s about creating repeat customers. Roopac’s packaging solutions create a lasting impact. The unboxing experience becomes a memory etched in the customer’s mind, making them want to come back for more. 

6. Rising Above the Competition: Setting Your Brand Apart

In a world of clones, being unique is your superpower. Roopac’s packaging solutions are designed to make your brand shine brighter. Our designs capture the essence of your brand, making it stand out like a star in the night sky.

At Roopac, we’re not just packaging experts; we’re your partners in propelling your brand to the stars.  Our commitment to creativity, strategic planning, and exceptional design ensures that the packaging we create doesn’t just hold your products; it elevates your brand to new heights of success. Join us as we help your brand reach for the stars, one thoughtfully designed package at a time. 

This is your Chandrayaan -3 moment. Join in  

With love,


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