How to dispose your surgical masks?

“Anything can go wrong even if everything is planned”, said Corona.

Yes, It’s nearly a year and we are still dealing with our new guest Covid brother and the sad part is that nobody on earth knows how long he is gonna stay with us. Let it be, but there’s a high-level probability that we could tell him “Bye Bye” if we eventually wear a mask all day outside the house as we all know, and the unknown part is that “How do we dispose of the surgical masks that we use every single day? Let’s have a look, stay with me.

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Azhagana Oru Aadi 🌷

Aadi Sale in Paper bags

Aadi has come and the season for retailers to tune to their thanksgiving programs. Aadi Sale is a norm across the shopper community as well and they try to pick their best of seasonal cloths at a deal. We at Roo thought about the season, provide a brief and deals that we do.. (in our style!)

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One earth

With so much fanfare, the ban of Single use Plastic and Polythene bags is implemented in the Indian state of Tamilnadu on January, 2019. There was indeed a new ‘paper-wave’ and ‘cloth-wave’ in the state. Response from people was overwhelming- they even thought the time has finally come that the streets and waterbodies will turn green, but

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Dear shopper, take a sneak

Have you ever wondered how is your paper bags made ?

Consumers often form their impressions of a brand within seven seconds.

Custom logo bags and retail packaging that carries a positive brand image is crucial for conversion.

But those fine facts are for a different day..lets jump in to the kitchen before you are served with the fine dish. Let’s see today how is your paper bags made.


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Colors.. 1/x

Colors are one of the beautiful innate abilities of a human. There are many reptiles, insects and even, mammals – that cannot differentiate colors as humans do. On the counter side, butterflies can see the light humans cannot see. They see in the ultraviolet wavelength. Those colors that humans see gives the objective sense to the world around us. Knowing to differentiate and name the colors- is by far one of the greatest inventions to the Industrial economy.. changing the world forever.

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Hi, there. Roo, here.

Today, we are humbly beginning our episode of After months of serving comfortably from the ‘others’ category at, we thought the time has come –to raise our hands and toast for Roo!

Over our tenure with Cardnival, we realized how much we are obsessed with Packaging (a) and what difference (b) can it bring to the board of Small and Mid-scale industries. Take any geography- there’s hardly anyone that can deny the fact that SMEs are the bedrock of their economy. In spite of which, SMEs were constantly not exposed or worse, even denied the flash (or rights) of packaging. Sometimes it’s the cost, and mostly it’s the awareness- and we try to address the problems for good. For all.

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Shopping bags are

the walking Billboards.

Did yours make them turn around?