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Have you ever wondered how is your paper bags made ?

Consumers often form their impressions of a brand within seven seconds.

Custom logo bags and retail packaging that carries a positive brand image is crucial for conversion.

But those fine facts are for a different day..lets jump in to the kitchen before you are served with the fine dish. Let’s see today how is your paper bags made.



As the sound goes, Paper or Board is the essential raw ingredient for almost every print and packaging form. It is extracted from Starch of a variety of plants and vegetables and processed. In general, thickness (or density) plays an important role in ensuring how stronger you package is going to be. To put numbers into play: A copier sheet in your desk printer is about 70-80 gsm Paper, and an elegant Hang-tag that comes with our textile is about 400+ gsm Board.. and the Standard paper bags with rope handle would be around 170- 250 gsm Board. In simple words, anything that’s foldable is Paper and harder it gets, is named Board. There are thousands of varieties around- with texture, with finish, with bursting strength, with brightness, with moisturizing.. and boy it goes. We do the best in placing your business need in front before we zero in.


Print: aka Personalization

The widely accepted print technique on Press is Offset.. and it works on the basic repulsion between oil and water. Your beautiful multi-colored theme is split between CMYK and taken to print with the ensemble inks. When all four color is applied, you’ll realize the sharpness of the design on print. Of late, PMS has as well gained traction with single defined color inks. And then there’s Screen print, a different form of technology where the ink is directly made to apply on the paper on mesh.


Laminates: Oh it shines.. no it shuns.

This is a little interim process that you will not realize until told. Lamination films help add Matt look or Gloss finish –or lately Velvet finish. And not to mention the other advantages – water proof, pressure resistant and functionally added Burst strength. Albeit the pros, customers who are conscious about getting things done in earth-friendlier way should have an eye on this, since after all Lamination is nothing but PVC film with 30-90 Microns





Stamping: The hippie kid

All that glitters and shimmers, plus the flash and glory that come along. You might have wondered what gets that strikes Gold with your bag. A technology called leaf printing or Hot foil stamping that is performed post press, bring in the flair. This is sometimes delicate and hence, the pro-s are always needed to handle and get the niche output. Hop in, there are at least seven filaments that are ensembled to make the foil glow in different variants- Yellow Gold, Matt Gold, Rose Gold, Copper Gold, Silver, Black, Red and what not. With the designer’s creative touch add to the workmanship on ground to handle them with care –it brings elegance to your packaging



So far we detailed about the magical form on offset to leaf foiling- from aesthetics to flash. But the real function takes its life here. Before die punching, anything is just a piece of paper. But with meticulous math, an accurate dieline is drawn. The die-knives are extracted. And with the application- your packaging product now sprouts out.


Enter Finishing

The Midas touch of finished packaging involves ilet/rivet applying, ensuring the gum being applied rightly on the appropriate areas, handles and rope tied- to come out in all flying colors. Testing –is more important than any other industry- since packaging mostly is a customized one, and ensuring the quality makes the whole processes fun and rewarding!


Now that you knew how is your paper bags made, Get your Quote or submit the Form with what are you looking forward in packaging for this season (insider tip: we design your bags for free!)

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