Hi, there. Roo, here.

Today, we are humbly beginning our episode of Roopac.com. After months of serving comfortably from the ‘others’ category at Cardnival.in, we thought the time has come –to raise our hands and toast for Roo!

Over our tenure with Cardnival, we realized how much we are obsessed with Packaging (a) and what difference (b) can it bring to the board of Small and Mid-scale industries. Take any geography- there’s hardly anyone that can deny the fact that SMEs are the bedrock of their economy. In spite of which, SMEs were constantly not exposed or worse, even denied the flash (or rights) of packaging. Sometimes it’s the cost, and mostly it’s the awareness- and we try to address the problems for good. For all.

What’s in a name

Kangaroo, as we know, is one of bearers in Australian Coat of arms. Besides that- here is an animal that moves forward, symbolizing progress time and again. You picture it on your mind- and you see the dynamism of moving further and further, every single time- That’s what growth is about. And more humanly, it takes care of its kids with all the empathy and care. Packaging- is nothing but- taking care of your products (we treat them as ‘babies’). We bring the best of solutions in place- in making sure, your products are secured, the standing out packaging –takes the play and then, we service through your growth story.


Simple plot

  1. We bring ‘ready-to-deploy’ product designs and prototypes for every industry and for every locale.. serving the critical need of shop fronts and marketplaces. This on top with our consultative approach, is going to bring the buying cycle –shorter, and enabling it to be smoother and easier. And what better, deliver in speed.
  2. These product designs cart the generic needs as well as super customized to the business case. Like, selling the American Pop! toys in the far western France.
  3. Efficient production. We avoid the typical herculean process that eats manufacturer’s time and resources, and make them easy.
  4. Friction-less Postage: Our robust supply chain, which we worked hard to build, works even harder- all day in any week. Image how cool is your product being made and sent as you service your customer, while you sleep or enjoy your meal with your friends. We get them along your way in the same spirit and excitement till the last mile.
  5. Remove the business jargons and unnecessary paper works..There’s nothing more than what Trust can bring and we are big fan of what it can bring to the table! Our simplified paper works make it easier for both new comer and the industry veterans- treating them same. We make sure- we live up to our commitments, addressing the feedback loop and a service that exceeds all the expectations.


Hop in. There’s a whole bunch of experience waiting to be told, with your name on it 🍾

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