G20 and more miles to go

India G20, and Roopac

India is painting 2023 with vibrant strokes of global engagement! Between the G20, Quad, Commerce, and Energy events, we’re truly in the limelight. The recent G20 gathering? A symphony of discussions, global problem-solving, and bridge-building.

Our team at Roopac is extremely pleased to be to be at this day and age – we’re dancing to the rhythm of India’s rise. Wondering how we at Roopac play our part in this grand symphony with our sustainable packaging solutions? Let’s dive in:

  1. Leadership Liaisons: We interct with top-tier leadership and CXOs, turning big visions into tangible packaging experiences.
  2. Tech Team-ups: We’re joining forces with technical gurus in the customer teams, from marketing to design. It’s all about pushing boundaries without pushing buttons.
  3. Sourcing Strategy: We’re aligning with sourcing teams, crafting plans that balance ambition with realism. Time and budget? We’ve got them in our sights.
  4. Dive into Design: We’re taking a deep dive into design details, ensuring we’re fully prepped before jumping into production.
  5. Delivery with Dazzle: When it’s showtime, lo and behold, we make sure our deliveries have that extra sparkle!

Big or small, short or tall, Roopac’s got a package for all!

We’re excited about the possibility of engaging with you and your team on new packaging developments, and to work together.

With love,


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