Sweet Memories with Inippu Kadai's Paper Bags, Boxes, Erode

Bags / Boxes / Food

“Discover the joy of sweetness packed with care at Inippu Kadai, Erode. Known for our delightful Soan Papdi since 1992, our beautifully designed paper bags and sweet boxes are the cherries on top of your sweet experience.

Each bag, each box, like our Soan Papdi, carries the love and warmth of Inippu Kadai’s tradition. They ensure the freshness of our sweets and brighten every celebration, big or small.

As you take home a bag or box filled with sweets from Inippu Kadai, you’re taking more than just sweets. You’re taking a piece of our history, our devotion to quality, and our love for our customers and Earth. Because at Inippu Kadai, sweetness is not just a flavor, it’s an emotion, packed with love and care.”