Kee & You Premium Packaging in Mysore

Bags / Womens

Delight in the exclusive collection crafted for ‘Kee & You‘ from Mysore, Karnataka. Starting with our paper bags, they’re bathed in a serene baby pink, adorned with the ‘Kee & You’ logo in a vivid purple. The sides, or gussets, feature intricate butterfly motifs, adding a touch of whimsy. But the artistry doesn’t stop there. Accompanying the bags is our vibrant tissue paper, bursting with colors, ensuring every unwrap is a visual treat. And for those items that need a bit more protection, our poly mailers step up to the task. Not only are they sturdy and secure, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing, echoing the beautiful design sensibilities of ‘Kee & You’. This collection isn’t just about packaging; it’s about presenting a cohesive, elegant brand experience from the inside out.