Shruti Silks - Designer paper bags for boutique stores, Annur

Bags / Boxes / Womens

Shruti Silks uses our designer paper bags, specially crafted for boutique stores. Our workshop is in Annur, Coimbatore, where we combine style and green thinking.

We make these bags from top-notch, earth-friendly materials, making them durable and gentle on nature. The bags feature fine patterns that echo the elegance of boutique stores. With their neutral colours, they pair well with all styles.

Every bag carries our logo — a sign of quality and style.

Our paper bags for Shruti Silks celebrate the culture of Annur, Coimbatore. We’re passionate about joining good looks and eco-friendliness, and our bags show it.

Shruti Silks enhances their customers’ shopping experiences with our designer paper bags. They’re sturdy, pretty, and green, just like the customers who use them.

Join hands with us. Let our designer paper bags add style to your boutique store. They’re more than just purchase carriers; they’re a fashion statement your customers will love. Choose us, choose eco-fashion, and let’s make the world stylish together.