Tee Labs

Mens / Tags


Teelabs is the behind the screens team, that does on-demand T Shirts and deliver them instant for events happening across South India. However we were thrilled to be a packaging vendor and, the product is real cool on general Tshirt and discount tags- a delightful reflection for The Streets Company in the authentic theme.

But here’s a short note: Hangtags is the perfect short story, that tells about you- if you are in the business of retail. Above all your program wanted to cover kids? Make the Hangtags so cute that it stays in their school bag keychains. Consequently a quick shout about next month sale? Moreover you want to let your customer take home a coupon to buy at Online? Yeah, Hangtags. We can go on.. But this is an untold truth- and we tell you, Make your tags nice enough 🙂

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